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This will be the 32nd year of production for the Ryerson Review of Journalism and we’ve finally come to accept that life—and journalism—moves on after this magazine. We want to celebrate the achievements of our alumni, so starting now, we’re going to be showcasing our favourite pieces of current work from former Review writers.

First up, Matthew Braga’s first piece for Fast Company on why we should be using HTTPS—the encrypted version of plaintext HTTP—for everything we do online.

We’re also engrossed by Marta Iwanek’s photography and videography in the Toronto Star‘s feature on why Denver’s transit system is a road map for Toronto.

Over at the National Post, Robyn Urback intelligently analyzed the best and worst of Olivia Chow’s mayoral campaign.

And finally, Bill Reynolds released Life Real Loud: his book chronicling the story of multimillionaire John Lefebvre’s legal battle and time in prison after being charged with money laundering and promoting illegal gambling.

That should cover you for now. Look out next week for our newest favourite work from Review alumni.

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Cormac was the blog editor for the 2014-15 issue of the Review. As a fourth year undergraduate at the School of Journalism, he had a keen interest in sports and business writing. He also hosted the Krates Collective hip hop podcast.

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