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  • The Public Policy Forum is releasing its report on news media in Canada this week. The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age focuses on the decline of traditional print publications amid the rise of digital-only outlets, fake news, and how media disruption affects Canadian democracy. PPF president and CEO Edward Greenspon said in a press release that the study had found Canadian news organizations are “reaching, or perhaps have already reached, a crunch point.” CBC published a preview of the report back on January 11, which suggests imposing better copyright protections on Google and Facebook, and providing news organizations with tax credits.
  • If you’re tired of hot takes about journalism, rest assured our editor-in-chief Justin Dallaire serves his at nice, reasonable room temperature. On Wednesday, Justin will be joining Ontario Newswatch’s editor-in-chief, Susanna Kelley, and Media Co-op board member David Gray-Donald for a conversation about “the state of journalism and where we go from here.” The event is hosted by Why Should I Care, a civic engagement group which aims to foster thoughtful discourse around issues impacting local communities.

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