We’re officially less than one week away from sending off our 2015 issue to print. But while you’re waiting for our work, you can read those we’ve birthed. We’ve got a couple of good ones this week.

First up, Summer 2004 production editor Chris Jancelewicz is on his way to stardom with a lead role in Behind the Red Carpet, a documentary about the background players of TIFF. Tune in for the premiere tonight at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Next, read Summer 2009 editor Chantal Braganza’s behind-the-scenes look at the National Post‘s Silent No More,” an effort to tell the stories of young aboriginal girls in Winnipeg. Check out more of Braganza’s work from her first month as an associate editor at J-Source.

Finally, a late congratulations to Winter 2012 editor Haley Cullingham who recently joined Hazlitt as a senior editor. Read one of her first pieces for the magazine—a look at the face of Anjelica Huston and what draws us to people we can’t stop watching.


And once again you must wait another week. Have a recommendation for this series? Email the blog editor.