Sara Harowitz tweets "@haleycullingham for President of the World"

“People expect to get writing for free.” Maisonneuve Magazine editor-in-chief and 2012 Review editor Haley Cullingham was frank during her appearance on The Agenda last week. She joined Sarah Fulford, Steve Maich and Jonathan Kay to discuss the future of magazines in this digital age. You can watch the episode here.

Former blog editor John Michael McGrath has been working as a digital media producer at TVO for almost two months now, and is back in his old comfort zone—on a blog. Check out his piece on various debates in Toronto of how to change city council and the voting system.

Ann Hui, who served as an online editor in 2010, has been writing about the people you may not see at Toronto’s city hall, but are essential to keeping it afloat. Read her pieces on John Elvidge—the man who secretly runs city hall—and Winnie Li, the engine of Toronto’s headquarters.

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Cormac was the blog editor for the 2014-15 issue of the Review. As a fourth year undergraduate at the School of Journalism, he had a keen interest in sports and business writing. He also hosted the Krates Collective hip hop podcast.

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