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Are you looking for some reading material for your ride into work today? Or maybe while you’re at work (something has to get you through Monday)? Look no further, as we continue to collect some of our favourite recent pieces from former Review writers:

First up is spring 2006 associate editor Aaron Leaf’s editorial looking at Liberia’s Ebola crisis—the epidemic has killed more than 2,000 Liberians—and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s attempt to use it as a way to gain extraconstitutional powers.

Moving to Canadian politics, spring 2010 online editor Ann Hui was one of two reporters who interviewed more than 20 of John Tory’s past and present colleagues to gain some insight of what he might be like as Toronto’s mayor.

Finally, spring 1998 departments editor Chris Turner released a collection of his essays and reportage: How to Breathe Underwater.

That should keep you covered for now (or at least, today). Look out next week for another instalment of our favourite works.


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