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Students from last year’s Ryerson Review of Journalism scooped up three nominations for this year’s 40th anniversary of the National Magazine Awards. In addition, they also earned one nomination from the Digital Publishing Awards.

In the National Magazine Awards’ category, Best New Magazine Writer, two RRJ grads received nominations: Viviane Fairbank for her article, Hot Mess, in the Ryerson Review of Journalism; and Eternity Martis for her story, Know Your History, Know Your Greatness, which appeared in Hazlitt.

In the NMA category, Best Editorial Package, Kat Eschner, Viviane Fairbank, Jonah Brunet, Eternity Maris, Davide Mastracci, Blair Mlotek, Erin Sylvester, and Anda Zen shared the nomination for their contributions to the Diversity package.

At the Digital Publishing Awards, in the category, Best Digital Initiative, Fatima Syed, Carine Abouseif, Eternity Martis, Allison Baker, Viviane Fairbank, Laura Hensley, Blair Mlotek, Jonah Brunet, Erin Sylvester, Sydney Hamilton, and Davide Mastracci shared the nomination for their contributions to Why Are We Still Talking About Diversity?

RRJ graduates from previous years also earned nominations, either individually or as part of a team, at the National Magazine Awards, which take place on May 26. They include: Katherine Laidlaw, Rhiannon Russell, Greg Hudson, Joanna Pachner, Allan Britnell, Joe Castaldo, Daniel Viola, Scaachi Koul, Haley Cullingham, Lauren McKeon, Simon Bredin, Angie Gardos, Susan Nerberg, Sara Harowitz, Dawn Calleja, and Kara Aaserud.

And at the Digital Publishing Awards, which take place on June 1, the following former RRJers were nominated individually or as part of a team: Luc Rinaldi, Andre Mayer, Jordan Ginsberg, Ashley Walters, Leah Rumack, Kathryn Hayward, Allison Tierney, Scaachi Koul, Chantal Braganza, Haley Cullingham, Katherine Laidlaw, and Ann Hui.

Lauren McKeon also earned a nomination for the inaugural Canadian Magazine Awards, which took place on April 27.

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