These are trying times for Canadian journalism. One basic reality of covering the industry—as the RRJ does—is that everyone has a prediction for what the coming years will bring about. These assessments may be ahistorical, but they are nonetheless a meaningful part of media discourse. Occasionally, a cheerful prediction comes out and offers some variety from this subject’s plentiful doom and gloom. One could probably make a full-time job out of guessing which way the media winds will blow in the coming decade. Time, however, is a finite resource—and one that might not be best used on these kinds of predictions. To that end, we’ve built a digital crystal ball that will do the dirty work of churning out fortune cookie-like insights for you.

So far, our digital crystal ball is capable of describing hundreds of future trajectories for the Canadian journalism industry. If any of these predictions come true, know that we will be taking full credit and bragging about our clairvoyance for years. Naturally, if the prognostication machine fails, we will be denying all responsibility. Isn’t that how punditry works? Click the button below to get started.

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