Mohamed Fahmy has been toeing the line between being a journalist and being a story for over a year now.

As the former Al Jazeera bureau chief in Cairo, Fahmy, 41, was arrested in Egypt in 2013 with two colleagues and convicted of terror-related charges. The case, the court trials, the journalist and his family have since then gone viral, nowhere more so than in Canada, his home country.

In an earlier news conference, Fahmy spoke at great lengths about feeling “betrayed and abandoned by Prime Minister Harper” and about the need to address the relationship between journalists who work abroad and their governments.

Speaking to the RRJ, Fahmy says that he is grateful for the many platforms he has received to use his voice to further the discussion about journalists who work abroad and how to protect them from situations like his.

So how does a journalist deal with becoming the story? We asked Fahmy in an exclusive interview with the RRJ.