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Yesterday, Exclaim! magazine published a letter to the editor on its Facebook fan page. It was in response to Keith Carman’s concert review of the punk band Vivian Girls‘ performance during last week’s Canadian Music Week festival.

Titled “Angry-ish Ravings from a Feminist Cunt” — the reader’s word choice, by the way — it has now sparked a debate on the fan page between staffers and readers. It started as a debate on sexism in the magazine, but is now more focused on the ethics of music journalism.

Carman wrote that “if these band members had penises, people would say they suck.”

The reader responded: “This kind of half-assed music ‘journalism’ is offensive and sloppy. This is also one of the most chauvinistic things I’ve read in any magazine article in this century.”

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Jessica Lewis was the Visuals Editor for the Spring 2010 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

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