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This week was full of news and reviews on the merge between magazines and iPads. US writer and editor, Andrew Losowsky wrote that despite all of the money publishers are pouring into these tablets, the public’s reaction to them has been “under-whelmed at best.” He lays out six points on why magazines aren’t working on the iPad.

However, days later Adam Hogkin bit back with a piece on paidcontent.org, titled, “Why the Glass is Half-Full for Tablet Magazines” directly linking back to Losowsky’s piece, and arguing the positive found in each of his points.

It seems Apple is still seeing the “glass half-full” about venturing into the world of magazines. It’s recently been announced that they will be launching a subscription service for publisher’s who were previously limited to selling individual copies of their magazine or newspaper on the iPad. According to news reports though, Apple will be entitled to 30 per cent of the profits if the subscription’s sold through the App Store.

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