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In a world dominated by CDs, AM sound quality doesn’t cut it anymore. Music is simply better on FM. But even though AM’s share of Canadian listeners fell from 64 percent in 1982 to 48 percent in 1992, AM stations still managed to capture five of the top ten places in eight of the nine biggest markets last year. Why? The cultural phenomenon of talk radio. While Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh may be household names in the United States, the talk on AM in Canada is not as shrill. But is it any better? To find out, we sent three reporters to look at three different components of the AM band in Canada. The results? Read on

The Good
Why Ideas is still a good idea

By Erin Wright

The Bad
Why I’ve grown to hate CBC radio

The Ugly
Why Bill Carroll is toning down

By Wendy Rudnik

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About the author

Sheila Murray was the Columns Editor for the Summer 1996 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

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