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You know what’s warmer than Toronto today? Wherever you’re reading this from! Ok, I’m sorry for that one. You’re probably thankful you came here for our alumni. I won’t keep you up here any longer.

First, we’re congratulating Spring 2006 senior editor Matt Semansky on his soon-to-be-released book Small Business and the City: The Transformative Potential of Small Scale Entrepreneurship. In it, Semansky, Rafael Gomez and Andre Isakov look at how small businesses are changing Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax.

We’re also giving a round of applause to Summer 2012 editor Sara Harowitz who’s the new editor-in-chief of Sad Mag. Check out her entry interview and catch up with some of her work from The Huffington Post Canada.

Finally, although we’re trying to change up who’s on these posts, we couldn’t ignore Julia Belluz this week, who recently went toe-to-toe with the Toronto Star over the paper’s Gardasil story. You can listen to her interview with Canadaland about it here.


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