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Welcome to the Alumni Essentials, or, as it shall be known for the next week: the Carly Lewis show! This is Lewis’s second time featured in this series and she’s the first person ever to fully take it over. Cue applause.

She really left us no choice, because whether it’s about Girls, the year’s best albums or Jian Ghomeshi (all topics in the following stories), her writing provokes you. It makes you want to join the essential dialogue she’s creating. Help yourself enter it by reading along:

1. The year’s best albums are full of women’s anger—and it’s glorious


2. The Year of Complicity: on Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby, and their enablers


3. Single White Females: is Girls solving a representation problem or spoon-feeding its target audience?



That’s it for this week. Got a piece that should be featured here? Email the blog editor. We know you’re following the Review on Twitter. But how about its masthead

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