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As you’ve no doubt seen by now, the Ontario Press Council (OPC) has ruled that the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail did not violate journalistic standards in reporting on the recent drug scandals involving the Ford brothers (though the council did say the Globe’s investigation into Doug Ford’s past came close to crossing the line).

For those keeping score at home, the OPC has released decisions on 11 complaints so far this year. The council has dismissed eight of them, upheld one, and punted on two (one because the same complaint was before the Ontario Human Rights Commission; the other involved a Rosie DiManno column that you may remember).

Our friends at J-source recently considered what a Canadian press council—rather than five distinct, regional ones—would look like. CBC’s Metro Morning spoke to one of the council’s public members today about anonymous sources, and in case you’re not yet sick of the topic, we have a post up today about a different kind of anonymous source.

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Simon Bredin was the Spring 2015 chief copy editor of the RRJ.

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