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Offleash is the Ryerson Review of Journalism’s first-ever regular podcast, published on RRJ.ca every second Wednesday at 3:33 p.m. (with the exception of today—we’re a few days early to make it on time for Valentine’s Day listeners).

In this week’s episode, our multimedia editors Eternity and Allison discuss all things journalism and love.

Dan Westell and Kimberley Noble, two journalists who are married to each other, talk about when they first met and their tips for dating a fellow reporter. And Marina Adshade, an economist and author, discusses the complex relationship between love and the economy.

Later in the show, Eternity speaks with Laura Hensley, departments editor, and Davide Mastracci, blog editor, about writing about their love lives. There is also talk of secret admirers.

Offleash, the Review’s podcast created by senior editor Viviane Fairbank and multimedia editors Allison Baker and Eternity Martis, is now on iTunes.

Music courtesy of Paul Nathan Harper, also known as A F L O A T. Find his music here: @a-f-l-o-a-t

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About the author

Eternity Martis is the Spring 2016 multimedia editor at the RRJ. She currently writes for the Huffington Post and Vice Canada. Her work has also been featured on Canadaland, xoJane, and Salon.

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