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  • WikiLeaks published Vault 7 last Tuesday, a cache of over 7,000 pages detailing CIA techniques for cyber-espionage. The site claims the agency can crack Signal and WhatsApp remotely, maintains a covert listening site in Frankfurt, Germany, and can turn Internet-linked TVs into listening posts a la 1984. Journalists initially ran with this, until cybersecurity experts began examining Vault 7’s contents. Several key points WikiLeaks highlighted in its summary of the leaks are either outdated (the Frankfurt listening post was exposed by German newsmagazine Der Spiegel nearly three years ago) or appear to be flat-out wrong (Vault 7’s documents do not suggest, according to Wired, that Signal and WhatsApp can be cracked remotely).
  • The Ryerson School of Journalism is hosting its first “teach-in” Tuesday. Professors and working journalists will be lead a series of seminars on, for exampe: the threats journalists face, like government surveillance and propaganda, how to report on difficult issues like Islamophobia and invective-rich populism, and where journalism is going. Ryerson professor Kamal Al-Solaylee will also read from his Governor General’s Award-nominated book, Brown. All Ryerson journalism students are welcome, and are exempted from their Tuesday classes so they can attend.

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The item regarding WikiLeaks’ release of the Vault 7 documents has been updated to further clarify what information was later refuted.

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