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Hey all, did you know The Globe and Mail launched its redesign on Friday? Of course you did—after months of hype and anticipation, the national newspaper’s print and online redesign went public (as well as their microsite, Canada: Our Time To Lead). But after checking out both the print and web versions, it’s actually not that stupid of a question. Sure, there’s the glossy paper, all-colour pages and a slightly smaller size, but the paper or the site really didn’t seem that different. Some obvious changes, yes, but when it was touted as “the most significant redesign” in its 166-year history, I was expecting something more dramatic than a re-jig of the homepage and some fancy paper. What about you?

Lessons in cover letter writing: A copy of Hunter S. Thompson’s (pre-fame) cover letter for a position with the Vancouver Sun is making the Internet rounds this week. Highlights include: “most of my experience has been in sports writing, but I can write anything from warmongering propaganda to learned book reviews” and “I can work 25 hours a day.”

Algonquin College has launched gojournalism.ca, a new journalism site offering what it calls “community-powered reporting.” Through the project, the site says “the public can commission and participate with journalists to do reporting on important and perhaps overlooked topics.” Journalists can also pitch stories they hope could be funded by the public or mainstream news organizations. Check out their video for more on the project.


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Wendy Gillis was the Senior Editor for the Winter 2011 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

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