Journalism is serious business. Except when it’s funny—then it’s hilarious.

For most of the week, this blog will bring you hard-hitting, thoughtful, unimaginably brilliant analysis of media issues. Then Friday will come, and we’ll post bloopers — or rather, anything else that’s funny and hopefully vaguely related to journalism. Sound like a deal?

For our first edition, an homage to a few of the classics.


Boom goes the Dynamite: Sports + debilitatingly nervous j-school student = internet phenomenon, obviously.

But, he’s gay: Many things could impede a journey up a mountain. This is not one of them.

Skateboarding reporter: I don’t think she’d been practicing that hard.

Insane News Man: File under “When you really could have used a pause”

Reporter can’t stop laughing: You don’t have to speak the language to understand what’s funny

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Wendy Gillis was the Senior Editor for the Winter 2011 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

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