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Protesters in Tahrir Square

Media coverage highlights during the protests in Egypt:

The Guardian has been providing consistently in-depth reporting, all of which is accessible via its live blog.

– Al Jazeera English also has an excellent live blog, and is hosting a live news stream with reporters and cameras on the ground and among the protesters.- Making use of the Wikileaks diplomatic cable dump,The New York Times has an interesting story explaining the close and complex relationship between the US and Egypt.

– A big development during the early days of the protests: the Egyptian government’s attempt to cut off access to the internet. Slate explains how they did it.

The Wall Street Journal  has created a helpful interactive timeline of the protests.

– In Canada: The National Post  has a great photo gallery of the protests, while The Globe and Mail offers an analysis on the impact of the food riots.

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Alexander Hamlyn was the Online Editor for the Summer 2011 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

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