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Masthead Online reported that Canadian magazine The Health Journal, has ceased publication due to the insolvency of its publisher, Gemini Communications Inc.

The publication, which was distributed nationally and at one time—published five times a year—was established in 1995 to deliver “timely, essential, and easy to understand health information to Canadian families,” according to the magazine’s website. With over 600 archived articles “written and reviewed by leading healthcare professionals,” the Health Journaladdressed a range of subjects from better-known topics such as anxiety, to lesser-known illnesses such as fibromyalgia.

Publisher and national sales director Chantal Goudreau told Masthead that the company will no longer publish any magazine or other entity under its name, including Health Journal.  Although the magazine’s website is still live, Goudreau confirms that it is in the process of being shut down, and that subscriptions are no longer being accepted.

The end of The Health Journal closely follows the recent closures of Dogs in Canada, Canada’s oldest magazine, and Homemakers magazine, which both ceased publication in 2011.

For now, the website remains live and stocked with articles in such areas as active living, healthy eating, prevention and expert opinions. So take one last look at Health Journal, before its heart stops beating for good.


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Kim Rupnarain was the Senior Online Editor of the Summer 2012 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

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