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Last night, some of the biggest names in Canada’s oh so tight-knit magazine community came out to celebrate the 38th annual National Magazine Awards. While the Review was not among those honoured this time around—and yes, we are holding out hope for some nominations next year—many former masthead members scooped up prizes.

  • Maisonneuve won big last night with three gold medals and two silver medals. Its masthead includes Review alums Daniel Viola (Summer 2012, “The Ethics of Staging“) and Haley Cullingham (Winter 2012, “Lost in The Grid“), who also served as a handling editor in our Spring 2015 issue.
  • Hazlitt took home a gold medal for Magazine Website of the Year. Its masthead includes Review alums Jordan Ginsberg (Spring 2010, “Donnybrook” and Spring 2015 handling editor), Haley Cullingham and Scaachi Koul (Summer 2012, “Supportnet“).
  • Lauren McKeon, who wrote the cover story for our Summer 2007 issue (“Into the Wild“) and was a handling editor in our Spring 2015 issue, won gold in Personal Journalism for her Toronto Life piece, “Save Me from My Workout,” detailing her love-hate relationship with CrossFit.
  • Joe Castaldo, who wrote the cover story for our Spring 2006 issue (“Whyte Noise“), won silver in Investigative Reporting for his Canadian Business piece (yes, this is the full head), “The Entirely True Tale of the Man Who Had an Idea, Borrowed a Boat from Neil Young, Dumped Iron in the Ocean, Angered the Vatican, Ticked off the United Nations and Tore a Small Town Apart—Just to Make Some Salmon Happy.”
  • Blake Eligh (Spring 2003, “Wheels of Fortune“) won silver with her team at Today’s Parent in Single Service Article Package for “30 Awesome Cupcakes” (sounds delicious!).
  • Dafna Izenberg (Summer 2005, “The Conscience of Nunavut“) won silver in Editorial Package: Print with Sportsnet‘s “How to Cheat.”

Congrats to all the winners! Did we miss any? Tweet us @RyersonReview!

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About the author

Erica Lenti was the Spring 2015 editor of the RRJ.

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