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Get this—a post that doesn’t lead with the words “layoff,” “severance,” “grim,” or “death!” (Simple pleasures, for us folks at the Review; just let us have it.)

No, today it’s good news! A new online fashion mag has just been launched! Yes, you read that right—growth.

The Style Notebook is the new sister site to Torontoist and promises to go beyond the streets of Toronto to document the latest in fashion and style. Editor-in-chief is Laura deCarufel, formerly senior editor at ELLE Canada. DeCarufel has worked at FASHION and The Look and will continue at ELLE as a contributing editor.

The site? Still in the baby stages it seems, but already offers great photos and illustrations. Time will tell if the women at SheDoestheCity.com have something to worry about.”

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Robyn Urback was the Front of Book Editor for the Spring 2010 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

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