Dear readers,

As the publisher of the Ryerson Review of Journalism, I am writing to ask you to contribute to the current rethinking of the Review’s operational plan and editorial mission.

You may be aware that this spring, I began asking colleagues, students and others to join in a consideration of the Review’s options. While most publicity and discussion so far has been about the roles of print and digital connections with the magazine’s audience, the key questions are about neither tools (printer’s ink; screen pixels) nor dollars (though money’s scarce). Rather, I want to make sure that the Review’s journalism identifies, reaches and engages its target audience with maximum impact—while offering a learning experience that remains highly relevant to students’ future careers.

As I told masthead students in September, this is a time in which “innovation and entrepreneurship are as important as the more traditional skills of strong research, good writing, and professional-level production…. The Review has been evolving: it has steadily increased its digital output while retaining focus on the printed magazine. In my opinion, these transformations should continue as media forms and business realities continue to evolve.”

I am happy to report that our masthead members have vigorously taken up the challenge of researching changing realities in magazine publishing, and I look forward to reading their findings and recommendations soon. Now, I want to invite you, the Review’s readers and supporters, to offer any ideas you may have on how you’d like to see the Review evolve in the years ahead.

Please tell me what you think of any or all of the above. And please spread the word through your own social networks, urging friends and colleagues to add their voices. By February, after wide consultation both within and outside Ryerson, I would like to sign off on a new editorial and operational plan to sustain and develop the Review’s continuing evolution and success.

Thanks, in advance, for your help,