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This week, National Post reporter Marie-Danielle Smith talks about her uncomfortable experiences as a woman on Parliament Hill  –  and how consensual sex complicates the Me Too discussion in politics. 

Then, Anthony Oliveira critiques media coverage of the serial killer in Toronto’s gay village (including the fixation on Bruce McArthur’s history as a mall Santa.Plus, 36 years ago, Toronto police stormed bathhouses in the gay village and arrested nearly 300 people. Activist and writer Tim McCaskell remembers how the bathhouse raids marked a turning point in mainstream coverage of the queer community.


-Young and female on Parliament Hill: A Post reporter reveals what it’s really like for women who work there, by Marie-Danielle Smith, National Post

-It’s the same as it ever was for women in politics, by Carol Off, Globe and Mail

-Death in the Village, by Anthony Oliveira, Hazlitt

-How reaction to the bathhouse raids informed the future of gay liberation, by Tim McCaskell, Xtra

What was The Body Politic, anyway? (Xtra)


Marie-Danielle Smith is a political reporter for the National Post.  She recently wrote, “Young and female on Parliament Hill: A Post reporter reveals what it’s really like for women who work there.”

Anthony Oliveira is a writer and academic in Toronto, who recently wrote “Death in the Village” for Hazlitt. 

Tim McCaskell was a member of The Body Politic, a Canadian queer magazine that played an influential role in the LGTBQ rights movement of the 1970s and 80s. He is the author of Queer Progress: From Homophobia to Homonationalism and Race to Equity: Disrupting Educational Inequality.

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